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Becoming part of history

Merit Travel and its partner Space XC takes travel to the next level, going further, higher and faster. And you can experience all of this as a co-pilot, not just as a passenger.

Our partner SpaceXC is contributing to the development of outer space travel. It is not simply a joy ride! The missions have the opportunity to take part in international scientific research while having a unique experience at the same time. Your venture into space will certainly be a life-changing experience and only few have gone before you. All of them have attempted to capture their experience in words. None of them fully succeeded. It is too impressive, too moving: seeing earth... from space.

By Exploring Space You Discover Earth

The Earth
Lynx Mk II launch animation

The spaceship, the Lynx Mk II, will
be operational in 2014 and will
reach low orbit space at an
altitude of 103 km crossing the
official frontier of space.

2 Person craft

The Lynx spaceship carries only
two people; the pilot-astronaut
and you. You’re in the midst of all
communications, watching every
move of the pilot: you are truly
part of the mission, not
just luggage.

The Earth globe

Every astronaut that has
previously witnessed space travel will
tell you this it is nothing short of a “life
changing experience”. The earth, with
the atmosphere as a thin blue layer surrounding it, is an unparalleled
beauty, seen from this

60 minute trip

The entire flight has taken almost an hour and will last a lifetime of memories.

Earth as only 500 has seen her before

Earth From Space

At an altitude of nearly 60 km, the pilot switches off the engines and the parabolic flight begin, during which the crew experiences weightlessness for a couple of minutes.

The spaceship eventually reaches its maximum height of 103 km. At this point you are crossing the official frontier of space; a place where it is completely black, despite the sunshine. From here the Earth’s curvature is clearly visible from the cockpit. An experience only a few have experienced before.

This is your time

The Lynx Mk II

Take your travel to new heights and become one of a select group of people to see the world from a new angle!

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