1. 14th China-ASEAN Expo to be held in Nanning2017-08-21
  2. Chinese popular chain restaurant to open its first location in the US2017-08-21
  3. Cultural Ambassador, Mariatu Kargbo: a Change Maker in China2017-08-21
  4. Chinese artists perform opera The Long March in Forli, Italy2017-08-21
  5. Han dress fans show Chinese traditional coming-of-age ceremony2017-08-20
  1. Han dress fans show Chinese traditional coming-of-age ceremony2017-08-20
  2. Gold inlaid lacquer wares displayed in Beijing2017-08-19
  3. Artisans turn mechanical junks into unique, geeky art pieces in Thailand2017-08-18
  4. Yixing China Int'l Ceramic Culture and Arts Festival to be held2017-08-18
  5. Hollywood film companies seek collaboration with Wu Jing after Wolf Warrior 2 becomes a hit2017-08-17
  1. Foreign students learn Chinese culture in E China2017-08-16
  2. Foreign students learn Chinese culture in E China2017-08-16
  3. 7th Torch Festival "Colorful Guizhou" kicks off in SW China2017-08-16
  4. 57 Chinese universities amongst the world's best 5002017-08-16
  5. Two-dimensional entertainment boosts Chinese youth tourism2017-08-16
  1. Chinese film director launches overseas premiere of conceptual show2017-08-15
  2. Press Release of Robert Capa Retrospective Exhibition kicks off in Shenzhen2017-08-15
  3. Sutras saved by soldiers2017-08-15
  4. Grand Jeté on an international stage: 4th Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition concludes2017-08-15
  5. Gesar horse racing festival opens in NW China's Gansu2017-08-14
  1. Beijing students tell Story of China at Edinburgh Fringe Festival2017-08-14
  2. A look at festivals of each BRICS country2017-08-14
  3. Silk Road Chinese Ethno Music Festival held in Pula, Croatia2017-08-13
  4. People’s Daily Comments: So cool! Students receive admission letters written with Chinese writing brush2017-08-13
  5. Chinese Opera Exhibition attracts visitors in Greece2017-08-12
  1. 6th Chinese Cultural Performance competition held in Nepal2017-08-12
  2. Grammy treat ahead2017-08-11
  3. Exhibition of China's intangible cultural heritage held in Shandong2017-08-11
  4. “The Face Is the Index of the Mind: Exhibition of Selected Thang-ga Artworks” held in Beijing2017-08-10
  5. In pics: scenery of Aihui Town in China's Heilongjiang2017-08-10
  1. 28th Bluestar Int'l Summer Camp closes in Beijing2017-08-10
  2. Thang-ga artworks displayed in Beijing2017-08-10
  3. Reinventing Peking Opera2017-08-10
  4. Traditional Miao dance performed in SW China's Guizhou2017-08-09
  5. Delicious in-flight meal for BRICS Summit2017-08-09
  1. "Meet with Melinita art bags exhibition" held in Beijing2017-08-09
  2. 2017 Yongren jujube cultural tourism festival held in SW China2017-08-09
  3. "Peppa Pig" Themed Exhibition starts in Shanghai2017-08-09
  4. Delicious in-flight meal for BRICS Summit2017-08-09
  5. Nine-year-old Chinese girl earns Golden Buzzer on "America's Got Talent" show2017-08-08
  1. Infinity pool to open beside Water Cube2017-08-08
  2. Residents come to Zhongshuge book store as weather turns cooler2017-08-08
  3. 6th Luqu Guozhuang Dance Performance held in NW China's Gansu2017-08-07
  4. European Final of Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant held in Germany2017-08-07
  5. Adele hosts private Despicable Me 3 screening for Grenfell Tower blaze survivors2017-08-07
  1. Youth summer camp held in N China's Hebei2017-08-07
  2. Success as a tourist spot endangers caves2017-08-07
  3. China shines at the UK's biggest festival2017-08-07
  4. Things you may not know about Start of Autumn2017-08-07
  5. Marine products collecting festival kicks off in S China's Hainan2017-08-06
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