1. Taoist priests gather at Laojun Mountain to worship Lao Zi2017-04-26
  2. China's Zibo well-known for production and export of porcelain products2017-04-25
  3. Murals in Hebei to be restored2017-04-25
  4. More than 200 enthusiasts perform Taichi to mark World Taichi Day2017-04-24
  5. Old Japanese musical being revived in China with tour2017-04-24
  1. Disney documentary 'Born in China' releasd to raise environmental awareness2017-04-24
  2. Ancient carpet collection records history of Silk Road2017-04-24
  3. In pics: Chinese garden "Astor Court" in New York2017-04-24
  4. Awarding ceremony of Tiantan Award for BJIFF held in Beijing2017-04-24
  5. UN celebrates Chinese Language Day with calligraphy show, cultural performances2017-04-22
  1. Innovative bookshop attracts children in Hangzhou2017-04-22
  2. "Shuicheng villager painting" created by Miao ethnic group Guizhou2017-04-22
  3. German girl learns Chinese martial art in SE China's Yongchun2017-04-22
  4. Twins from Uzbekistan treated with traditional Chinese medicine in Xinjiang2017-04-21
  5. Film documents journey of China's plants around the world2017-04-21
  1. Peking Opera on big screen2017-04-21
  2. 4-meter-tall paper rhino sets Guinness record2017-04-21
  3. Couple from Netherlands to introduce Chinese martial arts to their country2017-04-20
  4. 5 things you may not know about Grain Rain2017-04-20
  5. China takes UAE as important partner to promote Belt and Road Initiative2017-04-20
  1. China urges Confucius Institutes to bridge diverse cultures: vice premier2017-04-20
  2. Mummies discovered in 3,500-year-old tomb2017-04-19
  3. Clay manuscripts, antique potteries found in University of Mosul, Iraq2017-04-18
  4. Chinese Garden in Chile reopens to public after restoration2017-04-18
  5. Director of 'Journey to the West', Yang Jie, dies at 882017-04-17
  1. Sketches call for protection of ancient architecture2017-04-17
  2. Foreign students learn tea ceremony at SE China's college2017-04-17
  3. Celebrants mark festival by making a splash2017-04-16
  4. German-Chinese Culture Year of Inner Mongolia 2017 kicks off in Berlin2017-04-15
  5. People celebrate Songkran festival in Vientiane, Laos2017-04-15
  1. Jingdezhen's porcelain products exported to 75 countries and regions2017-04-14
  2. Sharing puts bikes back on the street2017-04-14
  3. Shiva Gajan festival marked in Kolkata, India2017-04-14
  4. Get wet in Water Splashing Festival2017-04-14
  5. Ming tombs security tightened after imperial mausoleum theft2017-04-14
  1. Morning scenery of Chinese Garden in Singapore2017-04-13
  2. Looking into China’s regional culture through logos2017-04-13
  3. Two giant pandas arrive in the Netherlands2017-04-13
  4. The romance novels by Qiong Yao that launched many acting careers2017-04-12
  5. Hungarian folk handicraft artist decorates Easter eggs2017-04-12
  1. Songkran festival marked in Ayutthaya, Thailand2017-04-12
  2. Peonies come into flourishing term in China's Luoyang2017-04-11
  3. Inner Mongolia takes its rich culture to U.S.2017-04-10
  4. China Culture Week held in Huy in Belgium2017-04-10
  5. China Culture Week held in Huy in Belgium2017-04-10
  1. U.S. National Chinese Language Conference held in Houston2017-04-08
  2. Chinese Bridge contest for college students held in Ghana2017-04-08
  3. Artists perform in folk culture tourist area in NW China2017-04-07
  4. 'Pink Star' diamond sold for $71.2 mln at HK auction2017-04-06
  5. Over 300 boats participate in cultural activity to mark Qingming Festival in E China2017-04-06
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