1. Shanghai Ballet brings Shakespeare's Hamlet to life in Beijing2017-06-28
  2. Guangdong girl, 12, shines in university exam2017-06-28
  3. Lotus-themed Artworks exhibited in Paris2017-06-28
  4. City tourism chiefs look for greater sustainability2017-06-27
  5. Harry Potter retains magic after two decades2017-06-27
  1. Exhibition focuses on the 'xieyi’ school of oil painting2017-06-27
  2. In pics: woodblock movable type printing in C China2017-06-27
  3. "June Festival" events held across Brazil2017-06-27
  4. eve of Eid al-Fitr Festival in Islamabad2017-06-26
  5. 34th Medieval Festival marked in Provins, France2017-06-26
  1. Tourists visit Qutan Temple in NW China's Qinghai2017-06-25
  2. International Yoga Day marked in Damascus2017-06-23
  3. Sacrifice ceremony held at Temple of Fu Xi in northwest China2017-06-23
  4. Parade held during 8th China-Russia Cultural Market in Heihe2017-06-23
  5. Baishe kiln: One of the five famous kilns in east China2017-06-23
  1. Baishe kiln: One of the five famous kilns in east China2017-06-23
  2. Cultural exhibition offers Nepalese insight into Chinese history, culture2017-06-23
  3. Qing Dynasty treasures to be displayed in Hong Kong2017-06-22
  4. Traditional culture thrives in modern Hong Kong2017-06-22
  5. Historical musical pays tribute to heroic grassland sisters2017-06-22
  1. Zhang Zhigang and his workshop of Baihu kiln2017-06-22
  2. Things you may not know about Summer Solstice2017-06-21
  3. Palace Museum to hold first memorial service for civilian donor2017-06-21
  4. Crystal utensils keep the scorching heat away2017-06-21
  5. The "flower sea" paper carving exhibit in Beijing2017-06-20
  1. Chinese-language proficiency contest held in Jakarta2017-06-20
  2. Exhibition held to celebrate 20th anniv. of establishment of HKSAR2017-06-20
  3. More live plays in China's cinemas2017-06-20
  4. Chinese companies steamroller global mobile gaming competition2017-06-20
  5. Kite contest held in Inner Mongolia2017-06-19
  1. 25th annual Pasadena Chalk Festival held in Los Angeles2017-06-19
  2. People take part in Color Run in Fengtai garden expo park2017-06-19
  3. Magolia Awards Ceremony of 23rd Shanghai TV Festival held in E China2017-06-19
  4. Egyptians perform traditional dances during Ramadan in Cairo2017-06-18
  5. In pics: Mount Jiuhua Buddha College in E China2017-06-18
  1. In pics: Sanchizhai clay sculpture N China2017-06-17
  2. Troupers teach students Henan Opera in central China's Henan2017-06-17
  3. In pics: Ethnic group and their cultural heritage2017-06-16
  4. Handicrafts made in east China's Shandong2017-06-16
  5. People take part in bubble run in Beijing2017-06-15
  1. People visit exhibition "Carolee Schneemann. Kinetic Painting" in Frankfurt2017-06-15
  2. Serious fun2017-06-15
  3. Students perform Peking Opera in Shandong2017-06-15
  4. People of Dong ethnic group practise singing in central China2017-06-15
  5. What Americans don't get about China2017-06-14
  1. Ritual for Lady Linshui held in SE China's Fujian2017-06-14
  2. Students attend coming-of-age rite in NE China's Heilongjiang2017-06-14
  3. Over 30,000 people attend lobster banquet in east China2017-06-14
  4. Fengyang flower drum cultural event held in Hefei, China's Anhui2017-06-13
  5. Woman painter captures essence of nature2017-06-13
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