1. Watermelon festival held in Danzhai, China's Guizhou2017-08-20
  2. Mass wedding ceremony held in SW China's Yunnan2017-08-20
  3. People make colorful rice in SW China's Yunnan2017-08-19
  4. Farmers harvest bamboo shoots in S China's Guangxi2017-08-18
  5. Aerial view of paddy fields in E China’s Jiangxi Province2017-08-18
  1. Kunlun Mountain Worship Ceremony held in NW China’s Qinghai Province2017-08-18
  2. China “Network Literature+” Conference kicks off in Beijing2017-08-18
  3. Jiangxi women put on Cheongsam show in a sea of lotus flowers2017-08-18
  4. Breathtaking scenery of Australia's Lake Bumbunga2017-08-18
  5. Artisans turn mechanical junks into unique, geeky art pieces in Thailand2017-08-18
  1. Autumn beauty unfolds in Gansu grassland2017-08-18
  2. Dance drama "The Past of Shawan" performed in Guizhou2017-08-18
  3. Lang Lang shows up at square named after him in NE China2017-08-18
  4. 28th Food Expo kicks off in Hong Kong2017-08-18
  5. Yoga lovers practice on the grass2017-08-18
  1. Glowing rice harvest in China's Jiangxi2017-08-18
  2. Foreign children learn Chinese culture with Chinese children2017-08-18
  3. Tokyo Trial oil painting displayed at Shanghai book fair2017-08-18
  4. Colorful summer life2017-08-17
  5. 5th naked oat flour cooking competition held in China's Inner Mongolia2017-08-17
  1. Dance drama "The Past of Shawan" performed in Guizhou2017-08-17
  2. Actors perform folk musical drama in C China's Hubei2017-08-17
  3. Students, left-behind women learn sculpture art for free in E China2017-08-17
  4. Fishing season of South China Sea starts2017-08-17
  5. 10th Singapore Night Festival to be held from Aug. 18 to 262017-08-17
  1. Swimming suit exhibition opens in NE China2017-08-17
  2. Scenery of oil sunflowers in Beijing2017-08-17
  3. Scenery of terraces in NW China's Ningxia2017-08-17
  4. A special wedding for delivery worker in Nanjing2017-08-17
  5. Boatmen harvest lotus pods in West Lake of Hangzhou City2017-08-17
  1. Retired PE teacher creates over 100 kinds of rope skipping techniques2017-08-17
  2. Rainbow in Jiangxi2017-08-17
  3. Sea food imported form Pakistan highly demanded in NW China2017-08-17
  4. Week-long 2017 Shanghai Book Fair kicks off2017-08-16
  5. 2nd SCO Summer Camp held in SW China's village2017-08-16
  1. Experts restore ancient murals at temple in N China2017-08-16
  2. China postage stamp album2017-08-16
  3. Multi-colored ponds in Sichuan2017-08-16
  4. 57 Chinese universities amongst the world's best 5002017-08-16
  5. Hundreds gather in New York to celebrate World Health Qigong Day2017-08-16
  1. Two-dimensional entertainment boosts Chinese youth tourism2017-08-16
  2. Xishuangbanna tropical botanic garden2017-08-16
  3. Students trained for upcoming 13th Chinese National Games2017-08-16
  4. Aerial photo of Jiuzhaigou Valley after earthquake2017-08-16
  5. Traditional Chinese hand-painted fans exhibited in Shenyang2017-08-16
  1. Explore Xiamen: "the Garden of the Sea"2017-08-15
  2. In pics: Colour Music Festival held in Beijing2017-08-15
  3. Incredible images of lightning strikes in China's Jiangxi2017-08-15
  4. Torrential downpour hits Songtao in SW China’s Guizhou2017-08-14
  5. Scenery of Limutai scenic spot in N China's Tianjin2017-08-14
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