1. Chinese troops injured by Indian border troops' fierce action: foreign ministry2017-08-22
  2. Farmers take measures against armyworms attack in north China's Hebei2017-08-22
  3. Chinese, European astronauts complete sea survival training2017-08-22
  4. Students attend swimming class in E China's Shandong2017-08-22
  5. Newly-enrolled students attend military training in SW China2017-08-22
  1. Once-in-a-century total solar eclipse sweeps across U.S.2017-08-22
  2. Chinese artists perform opera The Long March in Forli, Italy2017-08-21
  3. Wind and Kites Festival held in Colombia2017-08-21
  4. Cargo train links China's Qinghai with Russia2017-08-21
  5. Mainland stresses common political foundation for peaceful cross-Strait development2017-08-21
  1. Clay sculptures created by craftsman in NW China's Gansu2017-08-21
  2. Aobao Worship Festival celebrated in China's Inner Mongolia2017-08-21
  3. Villagers dry tomatoes under the sun in China's Xinjiang2017-08-21
  4. Han dress fans show Chinese traditional coming-of-age ceremony2017-08-20
  5. China issues commemorative stamps for BRICS Summit2017-08-20
  1. Giant panda twins celebrate 2nd birthday in SW China's Sichuan2017-08-20
  2. People mourn victims of Barcelona terror attack2017-08-20
  3. Chinese scientists conduct research on Caroline Seamount in western Pacific Ocean2017-08-20
  4. Mass wedding ceremony held in SW China's Yunnan2017-08-20
  5. Macao's chief executive meets HK chief in Macao2017-08-19
  1. Archeologists identify caves in Jeminay on paleolithic site in Xinjiang2017-08-19
  2. Students attend summer camp on climate action in N China2017-08-19
  3. Chinese artists perform Madama Butterfly in Italy2017-08-19
  4. Clay sculptures created by craftsman in NW China's Gansu2017-08-19
  5. China·Time Memory Exhibition held in Britain2017-08-19
  1. Xi calls for enhanced China-U.S. military ties2017-08-18
  2. Farmers harvest bamboo shoots in S China's Guangxi2017-08-18
  3. Aerial view of paddy fields in E China’s Jiangxi Province2017-08-18
  4. Kunlun Mountain Worship Ceremony held in NW China’s Qinghai Province2017-08-18
  5. Actors perform folk musical drama in C China's Hubei2017-08-18
  1. Sea food imported form Pakistan highly demanded in NW China2017-08-17
  2. Rainbow seen after thunder shower over Beijing2017-08-17
  3. Experts restore ancient murals at temple in N China2017-08-17
  4. Qiandaohu Lake in China's Zhejiang under stricter protection2017-08-17
  5. 3,450 contestants participate in China robot competition2017-08-17
  1. Photo story: a blind Tibetan girl's way to music2017-08-17
  2. Fishing season of South China Sea starts2017-08-16
  3. 7th Torch Festival "Colorful Guizhou" kicks off in SW China2017-08-16
  4. Chinese language textbooks stir controversy for excessive use of foreign characters2017-08-16
  5. Torrential rain strikes S China's Guangxi2017-08-16
  1. Exhibition held in NE China to mark 72nd anniv. of Japan's WWII surrender2017-08-16
  2. China holds peace assembly to mark 72nd anniversary of Japan's WWII surrender2017-08-16
  3. Pakistani president meets Chinese vice premier on deepening Pakistan-China friendship2017-08-15
  4. Explore Xiamen: "the Garden of the Sea"2017-08-15
  5. Heavy rain hits Rongan County in S China's Guangxi2017-08-15
  1. Pinghai bay offshore wind power project built in SE China2017-08-15
  2. Chinese Internet writers call for copyright protection2017-08-15
  3. A glimpse of Tibetan Buddhism from Sakya Monastery2017-08-15
  4. China's Discovery ROV collects samples in western Pacific Ocean2017-08-15
  5. Russian square-rigged sailing ship Pallada arrives in Qingdao for International Sailing Week2017-08-14
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