1. Israeli soldiers clash with Palestinian protesters near Nablus2017-10-21
  2. Italian youths remain unemployed despite positive economic signs2017-10-20
  3. EU states to pump "sufficient" money to stem illegal migration: Tusk2017-10-20
  4. Russian defense minister visits Yad Vashem in Jerusalem2017-10-19
  5. Possible way out of Catalan crisis hours before government deadline: reports2017-10-19
  1. People protest against new travel restrictions near White House in Washington D.C.2017-10-19
  2. Kobe Steel scandal continues to deepen as subsidiary asked to submit documents by U.S.2017-10-18
  3. U.S. considers arms sale to update Greece's F-16 fleet2017-10-18
  4. Israeli Defense Minister welcomes Russian counterpart in Tel Aviv2017-10-17
  5. 31-year-old Kurz set to become new Austrian Chancellor, world's youngest leader2017-10-16
  1. Austrian People's Party becomes strongest party in parliament: election projection2017-10-16
  2. 40 killed, several injured in bomb explosion in Mogadishu, Somalia2017-10-15
  3. France's Audrey Azoulay nominated as candidate for next UNESCO chief2017-10-14
  4. U.S. NIH teams up with 11 companies to speed cancer immunotherapy research2017-10-13
  5. Myanmar state counselor stresses unity to tackle Rakhine problem2017-10-13
  1. Armenia to get 100 million USD loan from Russia for arms purchase2017-10-13
  2. India army trooper, porter killed in exchange of fire with Pakistan on Kashmir LoC2017-10-13
  3. UN chief deeply regrets U.S. decision to withdraw from UNESCO2017-10-13
  4. Many Namibian rural families still without electricity: official2017-10-13
  5. UN urged to be more effective in peace and development2017-10-13
  1. S. Africa issues warning to travelers to Madagascar following outbreak of plague2017-10-13
  2. Feature: Archeologists claim to have found grave of Saint Nicholas in Turkey2017-10-13
  3. Somalia's defense minister, army chief resign2017-10-13
  4. Romania's ruling Social Democrats decide on cabinet reshuffle2017-10-13
  5. Newly amended law bans foreigners from using, owning guns in Thailand2017-10-13
  1. Former Rome councilor among 8 arrested in corruption case2017-10-13
  2. Dozens arrested over cross-border crimes in Tanzanian joint operation2017-10-13
  3. Jordan condemns repeated Israeli violations in Al-Aqsa Mosque2017-10-13
  4. Albania officially recognizes Bulgarian minority2017-10-13
  5. Namibia closes sections of national park after anthrax outbreak2017-10-13
  1. Kenya says ready to introduce GMOs2017-10-13
  2. Kenya eyes labor export deals with Mideast countries2017-10-13
  3. France remains committed to UNESCO, but calls for new initiative2017-10-13
  4. Italy animal rights groups hail "historic" Gucci move to go fur-free2017-10-13
  5. UNICEF to build latrines for Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh2017-10-13
  1. UN chief welcomes Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal2017-10-13
  2. Czech police accuses 26 people of drug dealing2017-10-13
  3. Polish PM backs ruling party's proposed amendments to judiciary reform bill2017-10-13
  4. Ford starts production of new EcoSport SUV in Romania2017-10-13
  5. French envoy urges U.S. to stay in UNESCO2017-10-13
  1. Haiti seeing significant turnaround in stability: UN mission head2017-10-13
  2. Roundup: Two Italian regions to hold autonomy referendums late October2017-10-13
  3. California North Bay firestorm toll rises to 24: TV report2017-10-13
  4. Russia accuses U.S. of reinforcing military presence in Poland2017-10-13
  5. Tanzania to auction tanzanite from its source to curb smuggling2017-10-13
  1. UN: 536,000 Rohingya refugees flee from Myanmar to Bangladesh2017-10-13
  2. Arab League welcomes Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal2017-10-13
  3. Trump signs health care executive order to gut Obamacare2017-10-13
  4. Israel says Palestinian unity gov't not accepted unless Hamas disarms2017-10-13
  5. UAE says Qatar's policy of denial, image of victim not convincing2017-10-13
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